About Us
Established in Cochin- the educational & commercial hub of Kerala, IPERT (Institute for Psychological Empowerment Research & Training) is an NGO registered under SR Act. Government of India and is involved in psychologically empowering the young generation of our country. At IPERT we conduct research in various psychological issues of the people ranging from students to parents, teachers and other segments of the community and support them with outstanding training programmes through out the country with a vision of empowering the people and strengthening the Nation. IPERT is throwing open a whole new world of values, vision, creativity, success, opportunities, a bright and colorful future before the most talented young generation of our country.
Our country- Bharat’ has a bright and scintillating future and will itself set as an ENGINE of a big train called the WORLD. This we can achieve with the most promising, brilliant, vibrant and committed youth and teens who are getting prepared in our various educational institutions which itself is our biggest asset as we have more than 45% of the vibrant youth of the world. But the only concern is the lack of a value based education system and the wrong model set before the above said community by many leaders from whom they expected much, the corruption and various other factors which makes a negative role model for our young minds. At the same time we can’t simply blame the system and keep away from bringing them up to motivate and empower them to achieve the goal. Understanding the need of the hour IPERT has dedicated itself and is committed to impart the required knowledge, instill human values, vision, attitudes and creativity in the young minds. Youth are the building blocks of tomorrow’s society and important asset for the future.
Over view
The lives of people have always been affected by great discoveries and new technologies. This is very apparent today with the advent of the Internet. The world has become smaller and people are more global in their lifestyles and cultures. It is by these precepts that IPERT (Institute for Psychological Empowerment, Research & Training) leads the better life. IPERT operates in an integrated management system; combining quality, Values, educational expertise, and technical disciplines into a coherent, client-centric approach. We maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our service. We achieve this by a set of principles at the highest levels. At IPERT we believe in participation and association in co- curriculum activities of the student’s, teenagers and youth of our country and to identify the interest of each young ones and provide them support services by way of counseling, value education, and personality development programs. Also to empower, motivate and to lead them to a better tomorrow by way of introducing most modern training courses. The major concern among parents and academicians are the alarming anti-social situation which prevails in our society and the deterioration of human values. IPERT is committed to take up these issues and impart our services by way of propagating values and empowering effective methods of instilling better thoughts, attitudes and creativity in the young minds.
We believe that our success in education and personal development management is primarily our commitment to excellence.
Our Vision
To provide the most appropriate training and guidance to millions of teenagers and youth of our society to help them identify their latent talents, instill better thoughts, attitudes, creativity and to achieve their goals and in turn to develop a society which can rise above narrow feelings and set up a strong foundation which will help to build an edifice that would stand the test of time and grow in to the next century.
Our Mission
To collaborate with Government bodies, Institutes & Organizations to become a comprehensive solutions provider against the alarming situation in the society resulted out of improper moulding of the young generation across the country.
Our Principle
We empower our PEOPLE,We reinforce our MEMBERS,
We embrace corporate SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
We improve institutional VALUES
Our Strategy
In IPERT, We maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our service. We achieve this by a set of principles at the highest levels. These principles govern all operation units’ core processes. Thus, we are able to provide IPERT customers with superior service and full access to world-class resources.
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