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"SARGAPATHAM 2015" Quiz Competition Scheduled on April 2015.

55 persons killed in suicide attack at Wagah in Pakistan

Virgin Galactic spacecraft crashed in California's Mojave desert during a test flight. The co-pilot was killed. The pilot parachuted to the ground and is hospitalized.

Established in Cochin- the educational & commercial hub of Kerala, IPERT (Institute for Psychological Empowerment Research & Training) is an NGO registered under SR Act. Government of India and is involved in psychologically empowering the young generation of our country. At IPERT we conduct research in various psychological issues of the people ranging from students to parents, teachers and other segments of the community and support them with outstanding training programmes through out the country with a vision of empowering the people and strengthening the Nation.
The role of civil service in sustaining democracy and ensuring sustainable development in a vast country like India has been appreciate by erudite analyst civil service, consequently becomes not only an attractive career option but also and even more a vehicle to deliver the national good. We have a promising young generation in this country, especially in Kerala it is up to the old generation to tap that potential effectively. To this end we need trainers an training. Parents and teachers along with such experienced trainers can ensure that the inherent potential is effectively developed and effectively utilized . This effort led by Dr. Suresh Kumar and his organization IPERT is a right step in the right direction at the right time to attain that objective.